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on arranging and submitting articles to periodical
"Scholarly Works of the Faculty of History, Zaporizhzhya National University”

According to the VAK Decree of January 15, 2003 № 7-05/1 "On increasing requirements to professional periodicals included into the Ukraine VAK lists", articles submitted for publishing are to meet the following requirements:

    - formulating the general issue and defining its connection to significant academic and practical tasks;
    - analyzing the latest studies and publications which launched research in this field and to which the author refers;
    - defining unsolved problems of the issue;
    - defining goals of the article;
    - proving the study itself, with results fully grounded;
    - providing findings and opportunities for further research in that direction.
Articles are accepted in electronic version only (e-mail:

Authors without a degree are to send a scan of the first article page. The page is to have a visa confirming that the supervisor of studies approves the article for publication.

Requirements to the article: doc. format file; Times New Roman font; 14-point type; 1.5 line spacing. Margins: left – 3 cm, upper – 2 cm, right – 1.5 cm, lower – 2 cm.

The article is to include:
    -UDK number;
    -title translation into English;
    -summary in Ukranian and English (400-500 signs without spaces);
    -key words in Ukranian and English;
    -a separate file is to include information on the author: first name, patronymic name, and second name; academic degree and academic title; place of work (study), position; home and work postal addresses (zip code included), phone number, e-mail.
The file is to be named after the author`s second name in Latin letters (e.g., ivanov.doc). The file with author information is to be named like this: ivanov_avtor.doc

Please note that you must provide a correct translation of the article`s summary and title into English (computer translation is unacceptable).

Literature sources are to be placed according to their appearance in the text rather that in alphabetical order.

The sequence of the article components: UDK number; title of the article (in capital letters, in the center); summary and key words in Ukranian; essence of the article; source list (automatic numbering); author`s second name, title of the article, summary and key words in Russian; author`s second name, title of the article, summary and key words in English.

The source list is to meet the new requirements (Ukraine VAK Bulletin. - 2009. - № 5), according to DSTU GOST 7.1:2006 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules". Examples of record can be found at the Ukrainian Book Chamber site (in the examples, elements printed in semi-bold italic are not complimentary and you do not need to include them in your bibliographic record).

References are to be made in square brackets.
For example: [1, p.54], where 1 is an ordinal number of an item (monograph, article) in the source list; 54 is a page number. [7, arch.67], where 7 is an ordinal number of an item (archive) in the source list; 67 is a page number of the archive).
Wording "the same" is unacceptable.

The editorial board accepts articles in Ukranian and English.

The editorial board does not necessarily share the authors` point of view and does not bear responsibility for reliability of the data and references provided in the article.

The editorial board maintains the right to reject articles which do not comply with the requirements of the given Decree or are insufficiently grounded.

For further information on article arrangement and submission, contact the editorial board`s secretary in charge – Yuriy Olegovich Kaganov, associate professor, Department of Ukraine Newest History, Zaporizhzhya National University.

Tel.: (050) 456-59-59 (mobile); (061) 228-75-03


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